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Dusk at the Vennel Edinburgh Scotland, small street or passagewayThe Vennel Edinburgh Scotland, alley or laneThe Vennel Edinburgh Scotland, alley or lanePalace of Holyroodhouse, Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh Scotlandblack cabs taxis Edinburgh Scotland, cobblestone Victoria streetThe Witchery by the Castle and Scottish Whisky Experience Edinburgh ScotlandEdinburgh castle edinburgh Scotland, fortress, royal residenceScotRail train Waverley station terminus Edinburgh ScotlandDusk at the Vennel Edinburgh Scotland, small street or passagewayVennel Edinburgh Scotland, small street or passageway

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Keywords:Balmoral Hotel, Balmoral Hotel clock tower Edinburgh Scotland, Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Castle at one end of Royal Mile and Palace of Holyroodhouse at the other end, Edinburgh Waverley railway station, Holyrood Palace is home to Queen Elizabeth II, Holyrood Palace is located at the bottom end of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Holyrood Palace is official residence of British monarch, Holyrood Palace is open to the public unless members of the Royal family are present, Palace of Holyrood has served kings and queens of Scots since 16th century, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Palace of Holyroodhouse is at the far end of the Royal Mile, at the opposite end to Edinburgh Castle, Princess street shopping area near Waverley, ScotRail, ScotRail station Edinburgh, ScotRail station terminus Edinburgh, Scotland, Scottish Experience, The Witchery, UK, United Kingdom, Vennel, Victoria Street, Waverley, Waverley Train Station, Witchery by the castle in Edinburgh Scotland, Witchery located at top of Royal Mile, Witchery restaurant near Edinburgh Castle, a vennel can be a small street, a vennel is a passageway between two buildings, a vennel is a public way leading from a high street to an open ground beyond, in this case, the Grassmarket, a vennel is also an alley or a lane, also known as Holyrood Palace, black cab on cobblestoned Victoria Street Edinburgh Scotland, black cabs in Edinburgh Scotland, black taxi on Victoria Street Edinburgh Scotland, black taxis known as black cabs, cab on cobblestone street, clock tower, cobblestones, drink Scotch whisky at Scottish Experience, dusk at Edinburgh Castle, food and drink Edinburgh Scotland, food and whisky, good food and whisky Edinburgh Scotland, places to eat and drink Edinburgh Scotland, restaurant near Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle, second busiest station after Glasgow Central, taxi, taxi on cobblestone street, taxis and cabs in Edinburgh Scotland, the Grassmarket is near the Vennel, the vennel in Edinburgh leads down to the Grassmarket, train, train station, travelling, vennel is a term that originated in royal burghs in the 12th century