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short-eared owl, flying, Cowichan River Estuary, Cowichan Bayshort-eared owl, in flight, Cowichan Bayshort-eared owl, flying, Cowichan River Estuary, Cowichan Baysnowy egret, eating fish, hunting, Cowichan River Estuarysnowy egret, eating fish, hunting, Cowichan River Estuarybald eagle eating salmon, carcass, Cow Baybald eagle in flight, hunting, Cowichan Bayamerican kestrel hunting, flying, Cow Baynorthern harrier hawk, marsh hawk, hunting, Cowichan River Estuarymarsh hawk, northern harrier hawk, hunting, Cowichan River Estuaryharrier hawk, marsh hawk, snowing, bird house, Cow Baymarsh hawk on bird box, resting, Cow Baysparrow, golden-crowned, Cowichan Bayblackbird, red-winged, singing, Cowichan River Estuarymallard duck with chicks, pond, estuary, Cow Bay

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Keywords:Asio flammeus, BC, British Columbia, Canada, Cowichan Bay, Cowichan River Estuary, Egretta thula, Northern Harrier Hawk, Vancouver Island, Zonotrichia atricapilla, american kestrel, beak, beautiful, graceful small egret, bird, bird, bird, birds of prey, blackbird, can be seen in the daytime as opposed to other owls, catch, ears are difficult to see, estuary, female, female mallard, fish, flight, flying, golden-crowned sparrow, hen, hunting, hunting, in flight, kestrel, mallard duck, marsh hawk, native to north, central and south america, ocean, ocean, ocean, owl, plays, raptor, red-winged blackbird, seen flying around dawn and dusk, short eared owl likes to hunt mice and voles, short eared owls are a cosmopolitan species, short eared owls like to hunt small rodents, short-eared owl, short-eared owl flies low over open ground and locates its prey by ear, short-eared owl hunts both day and night, mainly at dawn and dusk in the winter months, short-eared owls are medium sized owls with rounded heads, short-eared owls love to hunt near marshes and estuaries, shorty, snowy egret, snowy egret has long thin legs, snowy egret have long slender bills, snowy egret is a small heron, snowy egret is an exotic bird, snowy egrets are found near marshes, snowy egrets have long thin necks, white bird