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Sidney, sailing, two sailboats, Mt. Baker, recreation, lifestyleOsoyoos, Osoyoos Lake, houseboat, recreation, lifestyleYoung woman, Cobble Hill, Silverside Farm, fresh picked blueberries, lifestyleCobble Hill, sheep dog, herding, Border Collie, recreation, lifestyleCobble Hill, Damali Lavender Farm, lavender, recreation, lifestyleWhippletree Junction, spinning wheel, plying yarn, Duncan, recreation, lifestyleSouth Cowichan Lawn Tennis Club, tennis, Cowichan Bay, grass courtsMt. Prevost, Duncan, paraglider, Cowichan Valley, recreation, lifestyleCowichan River, tubing, Skutz Falls, tubers, recreation, lifestyleCowichan River, tubing, Lake Cowichan, tubers, recreation, lifestyleGenoa Bay, float home, Cowichan Valley, marina, houseboatMaple Bay, Duncan, houseboat, float home, marinaCowichan Lake, kayakers, rafting,  recreationZanatta Winery, Glenora, wine, people drinking glass of wineParksville, beach surfing, sand, recreation, teensRathtrevor Beach, Parksville, family, walking, recreation, lifestyleRathtrevor Beach, Parksville, family, recreation, lifestyleShawnigan Lake, tubing, tubers, recreation, lifestyleShawnigan Lake, Shawnigan Wharf Park, people, beach, recreation, lifestyleTofino, Cox Bay, walking, recreation, lifestyle

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Keywords:Baker, Belgian horses, Belgian horses plow a field at Fort Steele, Border Collie, Border Collie herding sheep in field, Border Collie herding sheep on farm in Cobble Hill, British, British Columbia, British Columbia Canada, Canada, Cattle Point, Cobble Hill, Columbia, Cowichan Lake, Cowichan River, Cowichan Valley, Cox Bay, Damali Lavender Farm and B&B, Don, Duncan, Elizabeth, Emily, Emily model release, Emily picks fresh blueberries, Emily picks fresh blueberries at Silverside Farm, Fisherman's Wharf, Fisherman's Wharf lifestyle, Fisherman's wharf Victoria lifestyle waterfront, Fisherman's wharf Victoria waterfront living, Float home canoe houseboat marina Genoa Bay marina, Float homes in Tofino, Fly fisherman casting boat fishing Lac Le Jeune, Fort Steele, Fort Steele Belgian horses plow a field, Fort Steele in Cranbrook, Fraser River, Genoa Bay, Genoa Bay marina, Gibson 36, Gibson 36 houseboat on Osoyoos Lake, Glenora, Golden Retriever, Golfers and golf carts surround the flagstick at the Tobiano Golf Course, Golfers and golf carts surround the flagstick at the Tobiano Golf Course greens putting, Grass court championships at South Cowichan Lawn Tennis Club, Gulf Islands, Haynes Point Provincial Park, Kamloops, Kamloops Lake, Kelsey, Kirsten, Lac Le Jeune Lake, Lake, Lake Cowichan area, Lavender at Damali Farms, Leola model release, Louise, Maple Bay, Marcella, Mt. Baker, Mt. Prevost, Nathalie, Nk' Mip Cellars, Oak Bay, Oriental man fishing Fraser River Steveston, Osoyoos, Osoyoos Lake, Osoyoos Lake, Osoyoos Lake house boating, Osoyoos farmland with tractor haying field, Parksville, Prevost, Rathtrevor Beach, Rathtrevor Beach Parksville family walk ocean, Rathtrevor Beach Parksville ocean family walk, Rose, Royal Victoria Yacht Club in Oak Bay, Royal Victoria sailing regatta Cattle Point Oak Bay, Shane, Shawnigan, Shawnigan Lake, Shawnigan Lake recreation boating beach fun, Shawnigan Lake water fun tubing boating, Shawnigan Wharf Park, Shawnigan Wharf Park, Sidney, Silverside Farm, Skutz Falls, South Cowichan Lawn Tennis Club, Steveston, Steveston, Tamara, Tobiano Golf Course, Tofino, Tofino fishing camp, Tofino fishing camp sport, Tyler, Tyler model release, USA, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Victoria, Walker, Washington State, Whipple Tree Junction, Willows beach, Wine on the patio at Nk' Mip Cellars in Osoyoos, Zanatta Winery, adventure, bathing, beach, bike, blueberries, blueberries fresh from Silverside Farm in Cobble Hill, blueberries picked at Silverside Farm Cobble Hill, blueberries picked fresh, boat, boat, boating, camper, camper, camping, campsite, campsite with a tent and picnic table and views of Osoyoos Lake at Haynes Point Provincial Park, campsite with a truck and camper and views of Osoyoos Lake at Haynes Point Provincial Park, canoe, casting, casting, couple activities Willows Beach Victoria lifestyle, decoration, dog, dog herding sheep, dog herding sheep on farm, dog walking on Willows Beach Oak Bay, family, family hiking beach, family walking Rathtrevor Beach Parksville, family walking beach, farm dog herding sheep in field, farmland, farms, field, fields of lavender, fishing, fishing camp, flag stick, flagstick, flagstick and golf green at the Tobiano Golf Course, flat of fresh blueberries, float home, float home living Fisherman's Wharf Victoria, float homes, floating down the Cowichan River, floating down the Cowichan River near Lake Cowichan, fly fisherman, fly fisherman, fly fishing on Lac Le Jeune, fresh picked blueberries, fresh picked flat of blueberries, freshly picked lavender at Damali Lavender Farm, from, glass, golf, golf cart, golf cart, golf cart, golf green, golfers, grass courts, green, hang gliding from Mt. Prevost in Duncan, hang gliding in the Cowichan Valley, harbour, hay, haying, herding, hiking Rathtrevor Beach Parksville, houseboat, houseboat sits on Osoyoos Lake in Osoyoos, kayak, kayakers, kayaking, kayaking on Cowichan Lake, lake, lavender, lavender at Damali Lavender Farm, lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle Fisherman's Wharf Victoria, model release, model releases, models, mother, mountains, ocean, orchards, oriental man, paraglider, paragliding, paragliding can be dangerous, paragliding from Mt. Prevost in the Cowichan Valley, paragliding from Mt. Prevost',, paragliding in Duncan, patio, patio, people, people enjoying freshly picked lavender, picnic table, playing, playing tennis at Senior Circuit, playing tennis on grass, plow, plow, plying yarn, plying yarn at spinning wheel, pull, rafting, rafting on Cowichan Lake, rainbow, recreation, recreation, reeds, regatta, sailboat, sailboats, sailing, sailing Gulf Islands lifestyle, sailing Sidney Victoria lifestyle, sailing around Sidney, sailing near Sidney Victoria with Mt Baker Washington State, sailing regatta Cattle Point Oak Bay, sailing the Strait of Georgia, sand, scenic, sheep, sheep dog herding sheep in field, sheep dog herding sheep on farm, solo, spinning wheel, storm, strolling, strolling, sun, sun tanning around Shawnigan Lake, sunbathing, surf, table set for four, table setting, tennis, tennis player playing tennis on grass court, tennis players, tennis players on grass, tennis players playing tennis on grass court at South Cowichan Lawn Tennis Club in Cowichan Bay, tent, tenting, tractor, tractor finishes haying a field near Osoyoos, trees, truck, truck and camper, tubers, tubers floating down the Cowichan River, tubers going down the Cowichan River, tubing, tubing behind boat on Shawnigan Lake, tubing near Lake Cowichan, tubing the Cowichan River, tubing the Cowichan River near Skutz Falls, two young children, view, vineyards, walk, walking, wine, winery, woman, woman and Border Collie herding sheep in field, woman and dog herding sheep in field in Cobble Hill, woman plying yarn at spinning wheel, woman plying yarn at spinning wheel at Whipple Tree Junction, women enjoying freshly picked lavender, work horse, young couple, young family, young woman picks blueberries at Silverside Farm Cobble Hill