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Vancouver, BC, skyline, Canada PlaceMark Creek, Marysville Falls, Marysville, BC., fall colours,Dougan Lake, Cobble Hill, BC, fall coloursParliament Buildings, Victoria, BCMotocross, Monster Energy Motocross Nationals, Wastelands track, NanaimoTwo sailboats near Sidney BC with Mt. Baker Washington StateGolden Retriever, Walker, walk, road, Cowichan BayGlacier National Park, Montana, DeSmet, Lake McDonald, tour, boatPalouse, rolling farmland, farm, Washington StateMt. Hood, Hood River, Oregon, old barnPrecision Drilling Rig, #174, Milo, Alberta, oil, drilling, pipelineFirst Nations, Pow Wow, native, Khowutzun Warmland Intertribal, Cowichan, DuncanPoint Arena Lighthouse in California, fog, mist, coastlineLia Model, Japanese Garden, photo shoot, Royal Roads University, Hatley CastleCowichan Bay, BC., fishing boat, Lasqueti FisherCowichan Bay, The Colour of Canada, docks, canoes kayaks, float homes, marina

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