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The Colour of Canada book cover, Docks, canoes, kayaks, float homes, marina, Cowichan Bayfishing boat, Lasqueti Fisher, Cowichan Bay, sailboat, moored, Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre, Cowichan Bay, BC.sunrise four sailboats marina, Cowichan Bay, BC.Tugboat, freighter, Cowichan Bay, BC.Early morning sunrise Cowichan Bay estuaryestuary Cowichan Bay BC, Mt. Prevost Duncanfreighter, Zampa Blue, anchored, Cowichan BayThree freighters at anchor in Cowichan Bay, BC.Colour of Canada, Color of Canada

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Keywords:British Columbia, Canada, Canada 150 years old in 2017, Cowichan Bay, Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre, Cowichan Bay estuary, Cowichan Bay museum, Early morning sunrise Cowichan Bay estuary, Lasqueti Fisher, Lasqueti Fisher, Lasqueti Fisher is a West Coast Canadian classic, Mt. Prevost, Port of Vancouver, The Colour of Canada, The Colour of Canada book cover Docks canoes kayaks float homes marina Cowichan Bay, Three freighters at anchor in Cowichan Bay, Tug boat, Tugboat freighter Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, Vancouver Island, Zampa Blue, boats, canoe, docks, estuary Cowichan Bay Mt. Prevost, Duncan, fishing boat, fishing boat, fishing boat Lasqueti Fisher in Cowichan Bay, float home, freighter, freighter anchored Cowichan Bay, idle, inactivity, kayaks, marina, museum sailboat moored Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre Cowichan Bay, ocean, rest, retired seiner, Lasqueti Fisher, in Cowichan Bay, sailboats, the Lasqueti Fisher is a 44 foot long, 29ton Drum Seiner, tugboat, vessel made entirely from Douglas Fir, wooden seiner Lasqueti Fisher in Cowichan Bay